Be a Sponsor/Exhibitor

Be a Difference Maker in the Industry.

Give your company the opportunity to be seen, considered, and chosen as the digitization of trucking, logistics, supply-chain, blockchain, IoT, telematics and data technologies develop. The Transparency18 conference on the transportation industry topics is the best annual gathering of industry executives and innovators in the US. Don’t miss out on this exciting industry event delivering the important decision makers and key influencers—top level principals, partners and developers.

We are dedicated to delivering real business value through sponsorship with measurable ROI. In general, Transparency18 can help sponsors with:

  • Aligning your brand with innovation and the Transparency18 growth story
  • Developing new business with leaders of the FreightTech, blockchain and IoT revolution
  • Networking with hard to access executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists
  • Becoming a thought-leadership in the FreightTech space
  • Opening doors and driving innovation in your own firm

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Top Five Benefits to Exhibiting

1. Connect with influential freight industry and FreightTech professionals seeking to gain a competitive edge
Attendees run the gamut:

  • Principals controlling important purchasing budgets
  • Entrepreneurial leaders of startup firms
  • FreightTech, IoT and blockchain professionals and developers
  • Hackers making tomorrow’s decisions and creating cutting-edge solutions through new technologies

2. Be sought out for information and advice

Our attendees want your expertise and information, your insight into industry trends and technology, and your knowledge about the newest platforms, products, and services. In fact, transportation industry decisionmakers say that in addition to consulting with peers, their “go to’s” are FreightTech, blockchain and IoT leaders for insight into industry topics and developing future products and services.

3. Be an essential part of each day’s programming

Expo time is “baked in” to the convention schedule and flow so you are assured exposure.

4. We support you

Your sponsorship and/or exhibition experience is backed by the GA Tech Technology Learning Center with multiple event promotion options and prominent sponsorship opportunities.

5. Great networking

Senior-level attendees from leading companies across all transportation industry segments: shippers, carriers, 3PLs, supply chain management, manufacturing, including investors and media.